Rest easy! Our products have zero preservatives, are all natural and made with ingredients you can pronounce.
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Doting pet parents like you choose our treats
Here are 6 reasons why
Card image capShare with shelters Everytime you buy from us, we donate food and other items to shelters that rescue and take care of animals
Card image capSpecies Appropriate All our treats are made from ingredients that are species appropriate and high quality ingredients
Card image capZero Preservatives Our treats contain many secrets but no lies. Zero preservatives, zero chemicals, no added flavouring agents. All natural.
Card image capGluten & Starch Free Gluten and starch containing foods are the most common sources of allergy in dogs and cats. Our treats are free of gluten & starch
Card image capHealthier Skin & Coat Most often, inappropriate food is the cause of skin allergies in a dog. Natural food treats leads to improved skin and shinier coat
Card image capBoosted Immunity A species appropriate diet helps your dog get essential nutrients to help build stronger resistance to diseases and illnesses
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