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Super easy to use. Vet consultation on the app saves alot of unnecessary visits. Much needed with the lockdown. Had a pleasant experience with on-call doctor on the platform

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Such a simple, easy-to-use app! Used it to do a vet consultation for my Scooby , and Dr Henna was very helpful in answering all my queries. Pretty seamless I must say. Will definitely be using this again

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This is the labour of love. It's clearly made by someone who loves pets. Super reliable, easy to use and helpful. The doctors are really friendly too.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Consulting with a veterinarian doctor online is absolutely safe. More than 80% of the issues can be addressed over an online consultation by sharing photos and videos of the issues. However, if it’s an emergency, we would highly recommend you to not use our services and instead take your pet to the nearest vet’s clinic.

We believe everyone deserves to be fairly compensated for their hard work. Our team of doctors work really hard to provide instant consultations for your pet and help address your pet queries. Due to this reason, we do not offer free consultations.

Once your consultation is over, a prescription will automatically be generated for you and it will be available to download on your system. This prescription will also be available on the app under the medical records section. You can download the app here

At the moment, our services are available anywhere in India. We do not operate or offer our services anywhere else in the world.

On an average it takes 3-4 hours of your time to take your pet to the vet’s clinic. This includes booking an appointment, putting your pet in the car, driving down to the vet’s clinic in traffic (good luck if you’re booking a cab!), waiting time at the clinic and then the commute back home. The initial triage should not take this long. In such cases an online consultation on WagStays which connects you with a vet in less than 4 minutes can help you address your queries by qualified vets and save you countless hours! However, if you feel its an emergency case, we would highly recommend to not use our service and instead take your pet to the nearest vet’s clinic.